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Welcome to Grammy's Granola Story, thanks for stopping by because it is a real joy to see you here. Let me take a moment to introduce you to my granola if you haven't tasted all of the flavors already. If you have tasted them, then stick around anyway as I share some of the secrets that make my brand of granola so healthful, wholesome, and beneficial to you.

grammy Hopefully everyone knows that granola is generally considered a healthy all-natural treat. My granola recipe has many of the usual suspects... almonds, cashews, oats, bran. In the case of Grammy's Granola, I've made it even better by adding a few grains like flax seed, pepitas and sunflower seeds that are not ordinarily combined into other granola recipes. And to sweeten it up, as Grammys are prone to do, just a touch of honey and maple syrup to help keep life worth smiling about! Notice, that unlike commercial mixtures, my granola is hand made weekly to my exacting standards in order to guarantee freshness, using only premium quality ingredients, and with NO PRESERVATIVES. But continue on noble reader because there is a secret to Grammy's Granola formula…

Most people know that flax seed provides a great benefit to many systems of the body. These include the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the immune, reproductive and nervous systems. There is also stated benefit to the joints. Flax Seed contains omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, B vitamins, potassium, lecithin, magnesium, fiber, protein and zinc. Flax seed also provides approximately 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil without the "fishy" after taste. Flax seed also contains perhaps 100 times more lignin than most whole grains, a nutrient associated with lowered incidence of breast and colon cancer. Flax has many more beneficial characteristics too numerous to cover here.

Pepitas, aside from being a fun word to read and say, are hulled pumpkin seeds! How fun is it to recall the bounty and good times associated with the autumn harvest, pumpkins, Halloween and children with every bite? Not only that, pepitas are an excellent source of iron and zinc. The iron builds strong blood able to carry life-giving oxygen to all the cells and zinc is a necessary nutrient that bolsters the immune system.

Sunflower seeds are the gifts that add brightness to every day, masterfully manufactured by the beautiful sunflower with its rays of bright yellow petals extending from its sun energy absorbing, seed studded center and are included in my granola to provide energy directly from the sun! Each seed was lovingly produced and delivered direct to you from the sunflower, hulled and stirred into the mix to enhance the palate of flavors coloring every munch you take. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E, the most potent fat-soluble antioxidant in the body, vitamin B1, and numerous other trace minerals. Sunflower seeds are known for their anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits.



Almonds have the highest protein content of all the nuts. Almonds are rich in heart protecting mono-unsaturated fat that has never been processed or exposed to air as a free-oil. Therefore, those essential fatty acids contained inside the protective armor of the nut are in pristine condition, not oxidized in the slightest, and able to serve the body without ever being a burden. Almonds are able to provide the kind of ready to use energy that a healthy active body needs at the ready. They are the perfect snack food for anyone on the go, whether hiking, surfing, running, biking, or just taking a daily walk. Almonds are particularly high in oleic acid, a nutrient believed to be the same one in olive oil that protects so many against heart disease. Almonds are rich in magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and are especially high in the much-needed calcium, all minerals necessary for good human health, not to mention the health of more than a few squirrels… Almonds are a very valuable food for everyone and perhaps an essential food for vegetarians.

Cashews, like all nuts, are an excellent source of protein and fiber. Cashews, like almonds, are high in heart protecting mono-unsaturated essential fatty acids in pristine condition. Cashew nuts are also a good source of folate, potassium and B vitamins. Cashews, like almonds, are the perfect food for active healthy people on the go with a unique nutty flavor that truly enhances the overall rush of flavor sensations a taste of Grammy's Granola provides.

Oats! What would granola be without Oats? Oats are just plain good soul food that is so good for you. Oats are full of soluble fiber. What that means is that oats are well suited to assist the body in lowering bad cholesterol while leaving good cholesterol alone. That well-worn staple extending from a long line of Grammys' cupboards over the ages is once again great at protecting the heart, so good in fact, that the FDA in 1997 gave permission for oats to boast a "health claim" status! It turns out that oats absorb unwanted cholesterol while still in the intestine allowing it to be expelled as waste. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005 tested cholesterol-lowering drugs against cholesterol-lowering foods. Oats were among the chosen foods. The results clearly showed that the diet lowered cholesterol levels about as well as cholesterol drugs. So there it is, Grammy's Granola is healthy for you to eat, as though the FDA was needed to tell anyone that, though it is nice to have their approval…


Bran is simply a source of dietary fiber in the diet. How often have we heard that as Americans we don't get enough fiber in our diets? Fiber helps to lower cholesterol and psssst... it helps keep you regular, something any loving Grammy will assure her children is not to be taken for granted. While we don't speak of specifics in mixed company, a person just cannot place too much value on that prospect! Regularity that is…

And to sweeten things up just a bit, one of a few things to help keep life worth living, just a bit of genuine maple syrup and honey – then voila, welcome to Grammy's Granola! Add to that glorious granola mixture your choice of raisins, cranberries, or both and the Grammy's Granola of myth and legend begins to take form…almost, just one more thing, the secret ingredient which will be revealed to you soon ... ... ...

Who doesn't love the taste of lush plump golden seedless raisins? Raisins are good food, have been for ages, and are quite deserving of their ranking near the top of all antioxidant foods! Loaded with phytochemicals and a virtual pharmacopeia of goodness, the unique mouthwatering sweet flavor and enticing texture leaves no wonder why children and adults alike savor their tantalizing goodness. Raisins provide healthy doses of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E and a number of other vital vitamins and nutrients. A person just can't go wrong with raisins.

Cranberries, yum! Cranberries make an astounding addition to my granola with a tangy sweet flavor and are every bit as mouthwatering and savory as raisins. In so far as the color, flavor, and texture cranberries add to my granola, well with these little tarts added it's almost like eating a rainbow in every bite. Cranberries are loaded with all the similar phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins as raisins. Also high in vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium, cranberries have been valued over the ages for their medicinal value in treating bladder infections and maintaining urinary tract health, not to mention their ability to relax blood vessels and their excellent antioxidant capabilities.


Maple syrup is a wonder of the natural world. A product of the sap collected from maple trees, it is refined by evaporation to produce a viscous amber liquid with an amazingly earthy sweet flavor. Maple syrup is higher in minerals than honey, particularly high in manganese and zinc, both minerals known to be sweet to your health as well. Manganese works as an essential cofactor in a number of enzymes that work to disarm free radicals. Zinc and manganese as well, are important contributors to immune system functions. Also, zinc plays a role in male prostate health and manganese participates in the production of male sex hormones, both nutrients are important contributors to male reproductive health.

Honey is a nutritional powerhouse! Buzzing with nutrition, no other food can deliver fructose, glucose, water and other sugars as readily as honey. Additionally, honey contains a host of healthful enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. A taste of honey is like taking all the Bach Flower Essence therapies at once. Not only is honey a pleasant and healthy sweetener, it provides all the subtle benefits the nectars of all the flowers those amazing little bees visited to make the liquid goodness Winnie the Pooh and humankind alike fawn over. Honey is not lost on the medical community either as more and more research is being done on the positive health effects of honey.

Well as you can see, a great deal of thought and attention goes into making Grammy's "one-of-a-kind" Granola as wholesome and healthful as it can be. While the proportions and confidential baking process will always remain secret, I hope you now understand just how important it is to have some of Grammy's Granola around, if for no other reason than for your good health. So now ... finally ... here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for, that one and only magical ingredient that makes Grammy's Granola stand out from all the commercial brands. grammyIt is, (drum roll please!) my deep and abiding love and passion that goes into each and every tray of granola I make for my friends, my family and all of my customers. None of my products are not mass-produced. I refuse to do so! No set of hardened well-oiled machines used for mass production can duplicate my products, they will always be made and infused with love by human hands guided by a loving and grateful human heart. Thank you all for your past and future purchases of Grammy's Granola. I truly adore you all … well most of you anyway, so long as you behave.

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Warmest Regards,