Recipe Ideas

Many people seek differing ways to enjoy my granola and specialty breads. Try the following serving suggestions I have collected for you to try. If you should come up with something that is not included here please do Contact Grammy and let me know.salad

"I'm having withdrawals - I've been out of your cranberry granola for a week!!! Please send me a $10 bag (I feel like I'm ordering drugs!) and I'll send you a check. Thanks so much and have a great day!" - Jill A.

Granola is wonderful straight out of the bag but sometimes one can really enhance a meal by making a few simple additions. For something a little different try sprinkling some of Grammy's Granola with the fruit of your choice onto fresh greens or your lunch & dinner salads.

At Turkey Time the granola makes a great addition to your stuffing!

Also, the crunch is "delish" in your rice or Kashi™ any time of year.

For Breakfast try making a parfait by layering yogurt, granola and fresh fruit! One of Grammy's favorites is simply eating the granola as cereal with milk and sliced banana, berries or peaches... ... ...

ice cream!

"I love to put a spoonfull of the grammy's granola with cranberries in my yogurt in the morning. Thanks!" - Jim R

Some daring souls even mix Grammy's Granola with fruit salad or another one of Grammy's favorites ... spoon it onto a juicy mango!

Another wonderful treat is to add some of Grammy's Granola to your dish of ice cream or frozen yogurt!

Here are a few luscious ideas for the bread:

One of my favorite things to do is to just warm up a couple of slices of one of the breads and pour hot fudge over it and eat it like French Toast. A truly decadent treat!

"Really, it is the best granola I have ever eaten. I have been trying to substitute others from the health food stores, but nothing comes close! Thank you," - Sharon

Another fancy-schmancy choice is to break out the Rum or any liquor of choice, warm the liquor and just pour it on the bread, it makes for a lovely and romantic evening in front of the fireplace.

To get my grandson to eat zucchini I have learned to take frozen slices of zucchini bread and pack them into his lunch bucket, they defrost by snacktime and he enjoys it with milk.

Grammy's yummy specialty breads! Enjoy with coffee or tea in the morning. Slice, put a piece in the toaster oven in the morning with a dab of butter...yummy!

For dessert at night, choose the specialty bread of your liking and add ice cream, whip cream, and viola, instant bliss!

Grammy says, "Express your creative side, try different things, and if you find something that works, please let me know, I'd love to hear from you."

Now listen - Everyone loves Grammy's Sweet Treats! But listen to your Grammy now and don't eat too much or you will get a tummy ache and spoil your dinner.

Finally, to care for your Grammy's Granola products:

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