About Grammy


For those of you who do not yet know me, my name is Janet. After years of working for Corporate America and having been summarily downsized I decided to follow my passions to spend time with my family and express my creative endeavors as well. I have always loved making treats, as any grandmother does, and wanted them to be as tasty and healthy as possible. Something I could let my family, my children and grandchildren eat without fear or worry. What resulted is Grammy's Granola.

Over time I started selling my granola in a number of farmer's markets (see Market Schedule) to discover that my granola was very well received and eventually sought after repeatedly by what have become my regular customers. After some success in developing a loyal customer base and appearing in a book, "The San Diego Restaurant Cookbook Recipes from America's Finest City" by Ingrid Croce, many people who lived far away and had met me while on vacation and visiting one of the markets I attend, insisted upon a way to order from me. At first simple email did the trick but over time it became obvious that a web site was needed. So here it is. I truly hope you enjoy it.

The granola-making process takes about six hours. Fresh batches are made once or twice a week. All in all, two or three full days every week are dedicated to the production of my products. I prefer to make less more often to guarantee that wholesome fresh taste. I have exacting standards to maintain the quality of my products. Only premium quality ingredients are used to assure a level of taste and quality that is not to be found in store brands. No preservatives, salt or sugar are used in any of my products, just a tad of pure maple syrup and raw honey for that scrumptious taste! Please take a look at the Granola Story to discover much more about my granola, what goes into it, and why it is so very good for you.

"I purchased some of your granola last Sunday at the Hillcrest farmers market and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I live in Indiana so I can't get more locally ... ... ...could you please forward me the ordering information? Thank you. " - Marianne

In addition to my now famous Grammy's Granola with either cranberries, golden raisin, or both, I also bake a variety of specialty breads. The specialty breads are banana with chocolate chips, pumpkin and zucchini. Everything is available on my Products page and I will gladly ship granola to you anywhere in the continental United States of America & Canada. Sorry but to preserve freshness, the breads can only be shipped in the U.S. Enjoy!